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Once The Wand™ is removed from the packaging, simply place it in a 6 oz glass of wine for at least minutes. With intermittent gentle stirring, it will remove over 50% of the histamines and sulfites from the wine. After 8 minutes, as much as 95% of the histamines and sulfites can be removed. Don’t worry, you can leave The Wand™ in your glass as long as you would like. The longer you keep it in, the more it will purify your wine. The stirring action helps to aerate and purify the wine at the same time. The Wand™ is single-use and can be disposed of in the household waste. All you need to do is open, stir and enjoy.

The Wand™ comes in a variety of popular colors and with four different wine charms (hearts, diamonds, clovers and wine drops). These charms can be easily twisted off the handle and attached to the rim or stem of your glass. This is an added bonus that lets you personalize your glass from all others at the party. You will never lose track of your glass of wine again, hurray!

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